Health: You’ve Got More Than You Think You Have

You are healthier than you think you are. Mindset and behavior.

I’ve noticed how life seems to ebb and flow as priorities and demands shift from year to year, and sometimes more frequently than that. Many years ago, after watching someone drift out of their fitness routine, and then re-engage weeks later, I asked him why he would do this to himself? There’s nothing worse than starting over again from a point of diminished fitness. He mentioned to me how we had three areas of our lives that demanded a lot of attention:

Fitness/Health, Business/Financial, and Family/Spiritual.

He said that each of these elements is present in some form, every day of our lives, and together, comprise 100% of your being. I thought about this for a second and agreed. When the demands of one area dominate the other two, there is some suffering. The point he was trying to make is that this is natural and to be expected. Recognizing and acknowledging what is going on is vitally important to be able to give increased attention and focus to the area of need.

  • Important components of Your Success:
    • Acknowledge the situation.
    • Set clear goals for completion and disengagement.
    • Focus on yourself, avoid comparisons to others around you.
    • Perform maintenance on the areas of less priority.
    • Be good to yourself. Champion your successes. Focus forward.

If you are feeling that one area of your life is significantly lacking, feel free to re-prioritize. Make a list of a decision you need to make with the positives on one side, and potential negatives on the other. Weigh it, and move forward. You may come to the realization that it’s not worth worrying about after all.

Remember, you can’t be all things at all times. It’s not sustainable, and won’t make you satisfied at the end of the day. To achieve anything of significance it takes valuable resources: time and energy, of which we only have so much.

  • Illustrations:
    • Entrepreneur: you are an expert in business, seek help in fitness and spirituality (coaches and advisors).
    • Athlete: you are an expert in sport and fitness, seek help in the other areas (mentors and advisors).
    • Mindfulness / Family Caregiver: you are an expert in family, seek help in the other areas (coaches and advisors).

Do a quick analysis of what your motivation in each of these three areas is and use that information to move forward and assess your success in life.

You are healthier than you think you are! Prioritize, and optimize to refresh your mindset and behavior!


Proper Self Care

If I were to ask you if you were a “type A” personality would you answer yes? I’m talking about career driven, high energy, self-motivated individuals. If so, you are a common client of mine as Type A individuals dominate my list. They also are my toughest customers because of their tendency to neglect self care during times of high stress, when self care would be most beneficial.

What is proper self care?

From wikipedia we get this definition, “Self care refers to actions and attitudes which contribute to the maintenance of well-being and personal health and promote human development.”

Let’s look at a day in the life scenario. Starting each day the focus should be on meeting your self care needs. Eat a light breakfast or snack , placing some fuel in your system so you can get your workout or training session in. Be in the moment during these workouts as it may be the only time all day when you can focus solely on your health and performance. Make a quick breakfast smoothie to take with you to work.

Doesn’t that sound easy? It is, but it takes practice and planning. It won’t be automatic, no matter how motivated you are, self care takes discipline, along with a strong valuation on the concept.

As your day unfolds you must schedule a time away from work, not a time to meet with others and talk about work. If you didn’t workout in the morning, this would be a great time to take 1.5-2 hours out of your day to hit the gym or go for a run. Some prefer this time of day to break things up so they can start fresh again post-workout. Another option would be to take a walk to grab a coffee or tea. Fresh air, sunlight, being outside for just a few minutes can do wonders for your sanity. Leave the smartphone at work during this time. Break the habits that have placed you in a imbalanced state of health and lost self care.

If you work off of appointments, which most of us do, make sure you are wise with your scheduling and delegation. Stretching yourself thin with late nights, weekends and early mornings may give you a sense of accomplishment financially, but the downside is that something always pays for that imbalanced state. Have a strict end time for work or at least for seeing clients. Some days won’t be perfect, but you will know where you stand each day… balanced or imbalanced. Learn to delegate. This will free up a lot of energy and simplify your decision making processes. Can someone else do it? Most often the answer is yes. Prioritize and vocalize your needs. We all know where we are losing time and efficiency. Work to correct this sooner rather than later.

After work. Come up with a strategy or system for disconnecting. Ask your spouse how his/her day went. Plan dinners. Cooking if it is a option for you, is a nice way to sink into the evening. Treat your dinners as nourishment. Choose the majority of your foods this way, avoiding eating for comfort and mass consumption. Again, slow things down. Wash the dishes, dry them, put them away. Make sure to hydrate. Run a bath, light some candles, listen to relaxing music. This is your life. Take care of yourself. The TV, computer, phone, whatever the distraction may be is not beneficial. Learn to engage with your environment and not merely spectate.

Sleep. Get some rest. By treating your evening in a similar fashion as I described above you will transition much easier into sleep. Darken your room. Lower the temperature. Read for a few minutes until you are ready to fall asleep.

If you’d like some help in nutrition and lifestyle planning, please contact me. I’m here to help. It’s my passion to see you living at your highest level possible!