Personal Training


Our focus is on functional training movements (core/balance/mobility). Strategic sessions of instruction, assessment, program design and implementation. Together, we will plan out your month incorporating your activities of daily living (ADL), work, commitments, family, sleep schedule, travel, etc. to get you RESULTS. No stone is left unturned.

Your workout is customized to your initial starting point and formed to arrive at your destination. Prioritizing safe and efficient exercise,¬†I’ll show you how to maximize and utilize the space and equipment you have in your gym/home/office/neighborhood to ensure you are comfortable and motivated in your daily workouts. As is often the case, by creating a custom environment for you to succeed, the perceived barriers to success cease to manifest.

  • Benefits:
    • Seamless Integration Into Your Day
    • Eliminate Travel Time and Barriers to Exercise
    • Customized Functional Training Program
    • Confidence in Your Training Plan’s¬†Effectiveness, Safety, and Efficacy
    • Accountability. Efficiency. Effectiveness. Progress. Results.
    • Elevated Strength. Endurance. Power. Balance. Flexibility
    • 45-minute session duration.

Please contact Jake to schedule your free initial consultation, and for additional pricing information.