Senior Fitness Specialist

My Grandfather, Bud, and myself.

ACE Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS)

This was, by far, the most fun and interesting specialization to obtain. Having worked with a lot of seniors prior to taking this course, I had a good feel for what worked, what didn’t, and just how capable our seniors are. Like the rest of society, seniors range from those that have never consistently exercised to those that are running marathons and climbing mountains. A very broad spectrum indeed!

Through this process, I learned how to safely and effective ease you into a personal fitness training program. Patience is key to progress. Mastering foundational exercises are as important to the senior population as it is to the younger population. Strength is the tie that binds our seniors in the ability to live an independent and engaging lifestyle.

Along with strength, and endurance, flexibility is perhaps the most important indicator of pain abatement and your bodily readiness to complete daily activities as well as lifestyle sports (hiking, skiing, surfing, cycling, etc.). With the right programming and physical training prescription, you can keep improving day by day!

As a senior, you are from a generation of hard working, driven, persistent, goal-oriented sector of our population. As a trainer/coach these qualities are indicative of your potential success in transforming your health and fitness.

Let’s define where you are now, and where you want to go with your health. Patience and persistence will keep you on the invigorating path of physical, mental, and emotional transformation. Get fit. Be healthy. Stay confident.

  1. Self-myofascial release: foam rolling, massage, trigger point body work.
  2. Mobility: movement, stretching, light yoga.
  3. Strength: core, hips/thighs, back, pulling, pushing, stepping, squatting.
  4. Endurance: moving well, walking, bicycling, skiing, hiking, daily/lifestyle activities, and recreation.
  5. Mindset: achievement, persistence, confidence, openness.