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“I have been working with Jake for about a year and a half.  I can’t say enough about what he has done to help me transform my perspectives on exercise, health, wellness, and nutrition.  He really knows how to approach the whole person when developing your training; he created a custom program that takes into account my goals, preferences, and lifestyle (busy, single mom!).  For years I dreamed of being amazingly fit at the age of 50, and with Jake’s help, I am there and still improving.  I am stronger, leaner and more fit than I have been in years.  Jake met me where I was at physically when we first began and gradually helped me progress (without injuries) and improve in all the areas where I had been experiencing problems.  I continue to be astounded by the change in my body composition (way more muscle mass), my improved flexibility (this was a big problem), and my ability to perform new activities I never would have imagined accomplishing at 50 (e.g., running 6 miles under 60 minutes and training for my first triathlon).  Jake provides me with workouts for the entire week and using the app he provides gives me the accountability I need to stay on track.  He has a wide range of strategies that address exercise, nutrition, motivation, overall physical and mental well-being – if something doesn’t work for you, he will find something else that does. As others have commented, Jake is a great trainer!  Sign on to work with Jake, do the work he lays out for you, and I am confident you too will see amazing results.”

Kristi Jensen

“During my first visit with Jake at Xclusive Fitness, Jake took inventory of my goals. Jake has remained true to those goals with more significant advances in my long-term fitness goals than I have seen working out on my own or with other trainers. The environment at Xclusive Fitness is results-based. My workouts are tailored to the goals I identify and as I meet those goals my workouts advance. My personal goals were to increase muscle — and with Jake’s help — I have lowered my body fat and have seen significant improvement in my lifting. Jake is also an excellent resource for diet and has guided me through some major diet changes that have unequivocally improved my overall health. Finally, Jake’s training style is not the in-your-face coach you might recall from high school sports, rather Jake’s motivation is less intense yet somehow develops a personal sense of responsibility for one’s own health — something that seems invaluable for meaningful life-long fitness. I would recommend Jake to anyone looking to break out of their current fitness rut and looking to reach real short-term and life-long fitness goals.”

Frank Moore

“I am 46 years old and have been working with Jake for 6 years. When I started with Jake I was overweight and out of shape. Jake has helped me reach and maintain a level of fitness while continually helping me reach my goals, whether it be related to cycling, overcoming a shoulder injury or helping me recover after cycling crashes. He has been committed to my overall success even when I haven’t. I have always found him to be motivating and appreciate the flexibility in adjusting schedules as my goals and time constraints have changed over the years. His knowledge and no-nonsense approach is refreshing in this day of fads, crazy diets, and superstar sellouts!!”

Tom Rael

“I have trained with Jake for 6 years and my entire experience has been incredibly positive. He has innovative training ideas and motivational techniques that have really worked for me. I have cut my body fat composition from 26% to 12%. This year alone I have completed 3 running events including a half marathon and 2 triathlons. Without Jake, I would have never been able to accomplish any of that. He has given me the confidence and support to make me an active person. It is a powerful feeling to know that fitness has become a permanent part of my life. I would recommend Jake to anyone that wants to better their life through health and fitness.”

Jason Harrington

“I have been working out with Jake for about 5 months. The first month I noticed a lot of difference in the way my clothes were fitting and how I felt at the gym on my own. The second month (Jan 1) we started a challenge that involved weigh-ins and calculating body fat percentage. in six weeks I went from 11.9% to 6.4%. A six pack has always been something hard for me to get and Jake got it for me in six weeks. I have never looked or felt better than I do now. Jake is very knowledgeable in exercise science and I really look forward to my workouts with him! I have always worked out and have been in pretty good shape, but Jake has taken me to a completely different level! THANK YOU JAKE!”

Mick Lewis

“I have been training with Jake for nearly one year. I have lost 18 pounds and two sizes. My 21 year old daughter and I recently compared abs and biceps and I won!”

Barbara Sharp (51)

“I’m a believer…after almost 3 years of training with Jake, through starting out to get in shape after a baby, working out through the duration of another pregnancy, then getting my body back again; I am fit, toned, and have more energy than ever before.
By sticking with my routine throughout my pregnancy, I was able to have a strong quick delivery of my daughter, and recover and be back working with Jake in less than 2 weeks. Functional training works for me. It allows me to carry a 20lb baby during the day, lift my 40lb son into bed at night, and have the strength and energy to run, bike, climb or play with my kids whenever the chance arrives, and be toned and sexy without being bulky. I love that I can squeeze in a quick work-out whenever I have ANY extra time in my busy day.”

Sara Cox

“Me and My husband have been going to Jake for almost 2yrs. Since Jake we have become more toned, stronger and confidant. We love going to Jake because its a perfect workout for men and women from amateurs to experienced athletes. The workouts change from day today. One day you may do all strength, the next all cardio or a mix of both. The best part is you can start at 7am and be done before 8am and you feel your workout all day and sometimes on to the next day! Working out with Jake is more than just a workout it’s a lifestyle!”

Kristen Ortiz

“I’ve been working out with Jake for half a year. I’ve always been into working out however Jakes method has made me stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been. I feel like I get a better workout in 30 minutes than I could on my own in an hour. I always look forward to his workouts. They are fun, innovative and ever changing!”

Rosalie Wood

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