Weight Loss Specialist

NASM – Weight Loss Specialist (WLS)

The nuts and bolts of this specialization prepared me to work with a specific demographic, those looking to lose weight and achieve optimal body compensation. BMI, ideal body fat percentages, diseases, and disorders associated with obesity were all topics covered extensively.

Studying, learning, taking and passing the exam solidified into me the importance of customizing a personal plan for each customer. It’s too easy to read the latest diet trend in any of the common periodicals and assume this will be “my” solution. Blending science, with practicality, the (WLS) hammered home the virtue of patience, as well as trial-and-error.

Weight loss is a process of trial-and-error. Try it, implement it, and reflect on it. Evaluation is a key part of the process of dieting and nutrition. Having a (WLS) in your corner is essential. A question or concern arises, and you are one step from an answer. As a coach, I’m there for you when you need me. To pick you up when you are down, set you straight when you’ve begun to stray and to celebrate your successes when they come (and they surely will!).

Your past is a good predictor of your future. As your (WLS) we do a deep dive into your relationship with food and eating. Honesty is the only requirement. Knowing exactly how something makes you feel let’s me know its level of importance in your daily life. From here we focus on consistency through repetition. Eating similar foods day in and day out lets the body know what to expect. Consistent calories in, paired with increased calories out leads to decrease in weight and improved composition. Overall, a better relationship with food is formed.

Being good to yourself is essential. Kindness, love, and caring are qualities you can bestow on yourself, as well as others. Patience on this journey requires knowing where you want to go. Recognizing the reasons for desiring change and keeping them at the forefront of your thought is paramount. As your (WLS) I’ll keep you on track and focused on your “why” every step of the way.


  1. Eat whole foods.
  2. Shop at farmer’s markets when you can.
  3. Make soup. Make it often.
  4. Drink lots of water.
  5. Avoid alcohol.
  6. Eat less. Move more.
  7. Understand energy.
  8. Avoid sugar and “white” carbs.
  9. Sleep.
  10. Incorporate intermittent fasting.